Panel Discussions

Electrical Safety, Energy Efficiency, Solar Power are discussed very often at various levels. This year eminent personalities from practicing auditors, regulators and end users are being invited across the exhibition days to discuss the subjects and answer queries of delegates experiencing intricacies of these subjects. One session will be dedicated to these discussions.

Design Workshops

A novel offering from CEEAMATECH-2019, where eminent consultants will present practical cases at the Design Workshops and give live demonstrations of project designs. The projects will be chosen from subjects addressing CEEAMA goals of Electrical Safety, Energy Efficiency and Solar Power. These Workshops will offer a unique opportunity for young consultants, manufacturers, users, distributors, dealers, traders and students, whereas veterans can enjoy a cross disciplinary exposure. CEEAMATECH-2019 has planned to spend one full day for this activity.

Details about the Panel Discussions and Design Workshops will be available on the CEEAMATECH website: from 1st November 2018. Interested delegates can register for these programme in advance by visiting CEEAMATECH website, where detailed procedure for registering will be available.