Continuous transformation is essential to meet industry demands and challenges. Be it management, delivery or quality, it is through insights that one can arrive at new solutions and fresh perspectives. Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra (CEEAMA) plays an active role in facilitating industry interactions, skill development and regulatory assistance management for the benefit of its electrical consultant members and manufacturers as well as end users. Presently, The CEEAMA membership is over 300 with head office in Mumbai. CEEAMA, a  ‘Non Profi­t Organisation’ with a Governing Board of Council having 10 Directors from various fi­elds of electrical industry manages its affairs.
With main Purpose to bring all consulting electrical engineering professionals on one platform, CEEAMA conduct following activities.
  • Keep all its members updated on the latest products, technology and activities
  • Create awareness of Safety and Quality in Electrical Installations.
  • Promote Good Quality Product in various project with help of Manufactures.
  • Skill Development for Contractors and Electrician who work on projects.
  • Organize technical seminars / factory visits to assess the manufacturer’s Capability, Quality Control, Machinery and Testing facilities.
  • Organize biannual CEEAMATECH Exhibition and conferences to establish a link between Vendors and consultants and to keep all members updated on the latest product technology.
  • Publishing CEEAMA E NEWS every month with active participation of Associate Members and other Members.